About Us

  • Mount Made in the USA

  • Family Owned and Operated

  • A sight made by hunters for hunters.

Our goal is to introduce more archers to the vast benefits of shooting a red dot on a bow.

       In the late 80s and 90s, it became popular to hunt with a red dot sight on your bow. However, the systems were limiting because you coudn't adjust for yardage, they were difficult to set up, and didn't work well on every bow. You would sight in your bow for 20 or 25 yards and gap shoot for anything closer or further.

Through the years, a few companies have tried to do what we have don't yet never succeeded. Many prototypes later, we have the ARD adjustable mount; an adjustable red dot sight system that works on any bow.

  • Tim Zelenka, co owner of adjustable red dot is with his 2022 Kansas buck.

    Tim Zelenka

    The “idea” man, co owner, and life long bowhunter. Tim has shot with a red dot on his bow since the late 80s and had never found a good solution to make it adjustable for yardage. Not finding what he wanted, he decided to get it made himself. 

  • Image of co owner of Adjustable Red Dot. Jeff Kunkle.

    Jeff Kunkle

    Co owner and engineer. Jeff is a machine shop owner and his team at Dynamic Machine, designed and manufactured Tim's idea for the adjustable mount. Jeff’s team has crafted the mount and designed it for simplicity of use. It is made for hunters in the field and here in Michigan, USA.

  • Abby Zelenka

    Abby is Tim's oldest daughter and has been hunting since she could hold a bow. She manages all of ARD's social media, writes our informational blogs, and gets projects moving.

  • Megan Zelenka with her Kansas Buck and Bowtech Bow.

    Megan Zelenka

    Megan is Tim's middle child and loves being in the woods with her family. She is currently studying to get her bachelors in interior design and graphic design. She designs and runs our website.

  • Matt Zelenka with 2022 Kansas Buck

    Matt Zelenka

    Product Consultant. Matt is Tim's youngest child and is an avid hunter and fisherman. He is studying to get his bachelors in product design engineering. He takes all of our ARD products into the field on many different bows to test every aspect.