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ARD Adjustable Bow Sight

ARD Adjustable Bow Sight

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*If you have a Hoyt, select a mount with a Hoyt Bracket*




  1. Measure from the back of you riser to where the string intersects the center of your rest as shown in the picture below.
  2. Refer to the chart below to choose the appropriate ring size. If you are on the line between sizes, size down.
  3. If you have a hoyt, add 1/4 inch to your measurement to compensate for the hoyt bracket.



The ARD Adjustable Sight brings never before seen innovation and versatility of optics to the archery industry paired with our lightweight adjustable mount made with 6061 aluminum made durable with hard coat anodizing. It is compatible with all compound bows, no peep sight needed, and adjusts for brightness. 

This sight is great for beginners, experts, hunters and 3D archers. 

The Ultradot Red Dot Sight comes with a 4 moa dot and 11 brightness settings.

The Matchdot II comes with 6 reticle options (2, 4, 6, 8 moa dots, circle with a dot and a crosshair). Click here to see reticle specs. 


Ultradot Package: 12.8 oz

Matchdot II Package: 13.1 oz

Get the whole Adjustable Red Dot system including: 

Mount Made in the USA.

Worry-Free Guarantee: Our team will give you a customer service call to ensure you have picked the correct ring size.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Miller Stroud
Precision piece of equipment!

FYI- I am not affiliated with ARD. Got that out of the way. Received my adjustable ARD site today and I must say it’s pretty impressive. Turning 65 this year and eyes aren’t what they use to be. Shot a peep clarifier for the last 5 years and it helped with the blurry pins but still not the clarity of when I was 30. This site does away with the peep allows more light into your site picture. The scope has 11 brightness settings and in bright sunlight #5 seems to be the spot. Just draw back and let your body naturally find the anchor point that your use to using. The dot is crisp and small (4 moa). Was a breeze to set up and after about 20 min grouping well at 20 yds. Mounted on my Mathew’s Heli M. Once your bow is set up anyone can shoot it as long as you put the dot on the target.


Love it easy to use watch the sight in video few time your good

Scott Truckey

Loved the Elite package. I recently switched from the Pollington Sight and Oneida to ARD and a Bowtech. With this sight I don’t need to compensate my shots . Excellent product extremely well made. Recommended.

Buck Tranbarger
Amazing Product

I have been bow Hunting for over 30 years and was on the verge of quitting because shooting with glasses has become just to difficult the ARD site has definitely changed all of that , their customer service is unmatched I have spoken to the owner on multiple times even on a Sunday evening he walked me through step by step on any problems I had which were my own making most definitely a Top Notch Company 👍👍

Roger D Hanneman
wow What a system

I needed to do something because of my macular degeneration in my dominate eye. Order ARD but couldn't get it right. I called Tim and he told me to send the bow to him. I shoot a Hoyt Carbon Spyder and Tim had to shim up the quiver bracket and got it on paper and sent it back in a couple of days. It took a couple of adjustments,right to left, and up on the red dot. After 48 years of bow hunting with a peep sight, this was really different.Am getting better every time I practice.The groups are getting closer each time. Bow season for deer is the 1st of Sept. Thanks again to Tim for putting up with me and helping me get it right. I think anyone with eye problems seeing their sights, this is the system for them.