• Bruce Nitschke

    Sunshinecost, Australia

    Started out shooting barebow fingers at age 10 Shot a lot of Australian Bowhunters Association competition shoots in advanced cubs division followed by advanced juniors and won or finished in top 3 at most events.I’ve shot Oneida bows exclusively for 31 years. For the past 3 years I’ve switched to sights and have been shooting using the ARD system in the Freestyle Unlimited category at 3D, traditional target faces and indoor archeryI shoot at least 5 days a week as that’s my ‘Happy Place’Favourite hobbies are being in the outdoors bowhunting, fishing and camping. Even after all this time I still find myself learning new things about archery every week.I find Helping others on their archery journey a very rewarding experience.

  • Joe Zelenka

    Jackson, Wyoming

    Joe has shot a red dot on a bow his whole life. He is a nurse out in Wyoming, but is from Michigan. Growing up shooting whitetails in Michigan and Kansas, he is now expanded to using ARD to hunt Elk, coyotes, antelope, and more!

    Check Out Joey's 2022 Kansas Buck Hunt 
  • IMG_9031.JPG__PID:a80b7511-6d21-4147-8456-cb3e173ea054

    Mike Megna


    Michael has been hunting with a bow since he was 12! He has hunted animals in 6 different states. He has exclusively shot the red dot/ oneida combo since 1990! He also has shot Total Archery Challenge with ARD 2022 and 2023. 


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Fuel the Heritage

Fuel the Heritage is a group of Michigan sportsmen and women who love the outdoors and believe in promoting and growing the Heritage all hunters have been given.

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