Why It Works

How does ARD Help Hunters Overcome Aging Eyes?

No Peep

We do not use one because the only way to see the dot is with good form. If you torque the bow or you anchor too high or to low, you won't be able to see the dot. When your form is good and the dot is centered you know you are straight.

Consistent Anchor Point

This arc technology in our patent pending mount is what allows for a consistent anchor point and keeps the sight aligned with your eye as you adjust for distance.

Distance Adjustment

For distance adjustment, we use a simply click system. Once the bow is sighted in at your choice of baseline yardage, simply turn the knob to adjust for further yardage.

Faster Target Acquisition

With a red dot, you look at your target with both eyes open and the dot appears like it is on your target. This system simplifies the steps involved in shooting your target.

Extends Lowlight

The red dot sights we use have 11 different brightness settings and 6 dot size options ranging from 2 moa to 8 MOA dot, circle with a dot, and a crosshair in the Matchdot II.

How It Works