How It Works

We designed our mount for archers who want a better option than peep and pin sights, who are struggling with aging eyes, and who want to make their hunting experience more intuitive. The Adjustable Red Dot Mount moves up and down on the riser using a sliding dovetail system. What sets our sight and mount apart? We use Arc Technology; our patented technology that always keeps the dot aligned with your eye WITHOUT changing your anchor point. This is what allows our hunters and archers to shoot at a variety of ranges without ever knowing they adjusted the mount for a different range. Rather than using sight tape, we use a simple click system. Once the bow is sighted in at your choice of baseline yardage for your first click, the hunter or archer simply turns the adjustable knob to different clicks to adjust for further yardage. If you have any questions on how the mount works give us a call at 616-283-5024.
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