Mounting Instructions

Click below to read or watch a step by step video of how to mount your ARD Bow Sight to your bow and then how to sight it in.

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Written Mounting and Sighting in Instructions

Video Mounting Instructions

Sighting In Video

Building a Sight Tape

Keep track of your clicks with our fillable PDF


Sight tape for ARD Mount. Keep track of your clicks for your bow hunting.

Troubleshooting Tips

Shooting Off to the Left/Right

Before you adjust anything....

  • Check your rest. Check center shoot via company specs.
  • Check if you need a shim. Shim video can be found here.

Rest looks good, checked if you need a shim, and still consistently shooting a little left/right?

  • Make sure you are not torqueing the bow If you are consistently shooting right or left a small amount (a couple inches) to get the sweet spot, you can turn the windage knob. DO NOT TURN MORE THAN 20 CLICKS.
  • To move your point of impact to the right turn the knob clockwise. To move your point of impact to the left, turn the knob counterclockwise.

Shooting High or Low

Adjust the front of the sight by loosening the screws that attach to the rings or posts. Chase the arrow. Slightly turn the fine adjustment screw, shooting high move the front of the sight higher. Shooting low, move the front of the sight lower. Watch the sighted in video to go see how to adjust.

Dot is left/right in the sight

  1. Make sure your head is straight and you're not torqueing the bow. Shoot some more and see if this solves the issue.
  2. Check if you need a shim. Watch our shim video here.

The dot is too high/low in the sight

  • Your anchor controls the up and down of the red dot in the sight. Move your hand up or down while drawn to see the dot move.
  • Watch the anchor point video to show you how to adjust your anchor point. Click here.

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