Mounting Instructions

Click below to watch a step by step video of how to mount your Adjustable Red Dot package to your bow and then how to sight it in.

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Mounting Instructions

Sighting In

Building a Sight Tape

Keep track of your clicks with our fillable PDF


Sight tape for ARD Mount. Keep track of your clicks for your bow hunting.

Troubleshooting Tips

Shooting Off to the Left/Right

Before you adjust anything....

  • Check your rest. Check center shoot via company specs Ex: 13/16 from the riser. The rubber band method is a quick non-technical check if your rest is centered. Watch the sighting in video to see the rubber band method.

Rest looks good and still consistently shooting a little left/right?

  • Make sure you are not torquing the bow If you are consistently shooting right or left a small amount (a couple inches) to get the sweet spot, you can turn the windage knob. DO NOT TURN MORE THAN 20 CLICKS. Click play on the video below where Tim explains adjustment for right/left.     

Shooting High or Low

Adjust the front of the sight by loosening the screws that attach to the rings or posts and slightly turning the fine adjustment screw. Watch the sighted in video to go see how to adjust.

Dot is left/right in the sight

  1. Make sure your head is straight and you're not torquing the bow. Shoot some more and see if this solves the issue.
  2. If this doesn't solve your issue, your riser is likely twisting when you pull back. Not every bow is perfect, but don't worry this can be easily solved by placing a shim behind the ARD mount to compensate. If you feel like this is the case, call Tim Zelenka at 616-283-5024 and he will help you choose the right size shim and where to place it.

The dot is too high/low in the sight

  • Your anchor controls the up and down of the red dot in the sight. Move your hand up or down while drawn to see the dot move.
  • Watch the sighting in video above for Tim to walk you through the process of shooting form with a red dot sight on your bow.