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ARD Adjustable Rail Bow Sight

ARD Adjustable Rail Bow Sight

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Red Dot
Rail Post Size
ARD Mount Type

*If you have a Hoyt, select a mount with a Hoyt Bracket*



  1. Measure from the back of you riser to where the string intersects the center of your rest as shown in the picture below.
  2. Refer to the chart below to choose the appropriate post size. If you are on the line between sizes, size down.


The ARD Adjustable Rail Sight brings never before seen innovation and versatility of optics to the archery industry paired with our lightweight adjustable mount made with 6061 aluminum made durable with hard coat anodizing. Our picatinny rail allows hunters to use most red dot sights on their bow, it is compactable with all compound bows, and no peep sight needed. 

Get the whole Adjustable Red Dot Rail system including

  • Adjustable ARD Mount
  • ARD Rail and Rail Attachment Posts
  • Your Choice of Red Dot Sight
  • Quiver Mounting Bracket
Mount Made in the USA. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA american Flag Vinyl Decal / Sticker ** 5 Sizes **

Interested in a the rail package but not sure your red dot sight will work? Send us a message on our contact page, chat box or call us at (616)-283-5024

Worry-Free Guarantee: Our team will give you a customer service call to ensure you have picked the correct rail attachment post size. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jon Jaquin
Vision issues? No problem!

Anyone with macular degeneration knows how difficult it is to find enjoyment in shooting when you can't see well enough to make the shots you used to. After years of asking for help online with no success to larger peeps to even switching from right hand shooting to left due to changes in eye dominance all I can say is it took me long enough but I finally found something I believe will help me regain the enjoyment! First and foremost what a quality piece of engineering, built like a tank! From the second I placed my order until I had it set up and worked through the process of learning a new way, the owner was messaging me and even calling me to make sure I was satisfied! I mean multiple times, multiple days! No more peep, no more one eye closed, no more bubble level! Look at the spot, center the dot, let the shot break and watch your arrow arch into the target! If you're considering the investment, just keep an open mind and have an absolute blast with this awesome piece of machinery!

ARD on Compound Bow

Outstanding product for new beginners to learn stabilities when aiming targets or during hunting. Very easy to adjust and dead on precision. Been looking for a great sight for my bow but since i started using this system on my Mathews VXR i feel so confident with my aim. I was very skeptical at the onset while looking for sights to help me with aiming. I never thought this would make things very easy. Sighting in was very easy. For those target archers this in my opinion is the way to go. Gone are the days of loosing arrows during practice.