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CED Fixed Package

CED Fixed Package

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Red Dot

 The CED, Cross Eye Dominant, Fixed Package offers an Ultradot sight, fixed mount, extended rings, and spacers.

The Ultradot sights use a longer tube-style red dot which allows for intuitive aiming and durability, extended rings to push the sight out in front of your good eye. Additionally, you will receive 3 sets of spacers so you have the ability to adjust the length.

With a red dot sight on your bow you are eliminating the need for a peep sight, shooting both eyes open, a one point aiming system, a bow sight that is centered on the riser. This package is great for beginners, experts, hunters and 3D archers. The fixed mount is a great option for guys who do not shoot past 30-35 yards.

 Get the whole Adjustable Red Dot system including: 

Mount Made in the USA.

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