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CED Adjustable Package

CED Adjustable Package

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Red Dot

*If you have Hoyt Bow, select option with Hoyt Bracket.*

 The CED, Cross Eye Dominant, Adjustable Package offers an Ultradot sight, adjustable mount, and extended rings.

The Ultradot sights use a longer tube-style red dot which allows for intuitive aiming and durability, extended rings to push the sight out in front of your good eye. Additionally, you will receive 3 sets of spacers so you have the ability to adjust the length.

Our mount design uses arc technology to keep the red dot sight always aligned with your eyes, keeping your anchor the same and you consistent. 

With a red dot sight on your bow you are eliminating the need for a peep sight, shooting both eyes open, a one point aiming system, a bow sight that is centered on the riser, and allows for simple click distance adjustment. This package is great for beginners, experts, hunters and 3D archers. 


Get the whole Adjustable Red Dot system including: 

  • Adjustable ARD Mount
  • CED Rings
  • 3 sets of spacers for adjustability
  • Your Choice of Ultradot Red Dot Sight: Click here to see Ultradot Specs
  • Quiver Mounting Bracket

Mount Made in the USA.

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