ARD Elite Package

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The Elite Package offers the Ultra Dot sights; these sights use a longer tube-style red dot which allows for intuitive aiming and durability. The Elite Package uses the V4 Mount, incorporating Arc technology, so the dot is always centered with your eye whether you are your closest yard adjustment or your longest yard adjustment. This package is our number one choice for beginners, as it limits room for error, and for Archers shooting 3D courses. 

Get the whole system for the Adjustable Red Dot bow mount including: 

  • The Adjustable Red Dot V4 Mount
  • Bow Attachment Rings
  • Quiver Mount
  • Ultradot Sight

Worry-Free Guarantee: Our team will give you a customer service call to ensure you have picked the correct ring size. 

Made in the USA. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA american Flag Vinyl Decal / Sticker ** 5 Sizes **

How To Know Your Ring Size: 

WATCH THE VIDEO to see how to choose your ring size. Ring size is calculated based on your riser thickness, or other shapes.  

Riser to Sting Measurement Ring Size
 1" 30mm – Short
1.25" 30mm – Medium
1.5" 30mm – Long 
1.75" 30mm – Extra Long 
1.125"(For use with 33mm Red Dot) 33mm – Standard

Choose Your Scope: 

If you want specific sight specs and features, check out the individual listing for each scope. Here's an at-a-glance look at the major differences. 

 Scope Name Key Features
  • Great starter option 
  • Lightest in weight 
  • Single dot size 
Ultradot Match Dot
  • Mid-range option
  • 4 different dot sizes
Ultradot Match Dot II 
  • High-end option 
  • 4 different dot sizes 
  • 2 reticle options