Adjustable Red Dot Attachment Rings

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This is for just the Adjustable Red Dot Rings for those that want to have multiple on-hand, or if you already have an Ultradot Scope. If you're looking for the whole system, check out our bundle here.  

Worry-Free Guarantee: Our team will give you a customer service call to ensure you have picked the correct ring size. 

Made in the USA. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA american Flag Vinyl Decal / Sticker ** 5 Sizes **

How To Know Your Ring Size: 

WATCH THE VIDEO to see how to choose your ring size. Ring size is calculated based on your riser thickness. 

Riser Thickness Ring Size
 1/2" - 3/4" Thickness 30mm – Short
1" Thickness 30mm – Medium
Special Circumstances (such as a thick riser or clearing a cable guard) 
30mm – Long Or Extra Long
Special Circumstances - 33mm Scope 33mm – Standard