Young bowhunter using an ARD bow sight and Mathews Bow, with title of Fixed Mount vs Adjustable Mount, which is best for me written across the image.

Fixed Mount vs. Adjustable Mount

Which mount is best for me?

The best place to start is to address what each mount is and what it does. 

Fixed Mount

Fixed Mount:

      Our fixed mount is not adjustable for distance. You pick a spot to sight it in at, let's say 20 yards. Therefore, if you want to change distance you would aim lower or higher depending on where the target is. 


Adjustable Mount

Adjustable Mount:

Our adjustable mount allows for the archer or hunter to turn the knob to swiftly adjust for distance. The adjustable bow sight allows for 18 click adjustment, for an average set up this could take an archer from 20 yards to about 70 yards. We went into more detail about this in a previous blog

Which is best for me?

If you don't really shoot farther than 20-30 yards, I would say get the fixed mount, plus it is a cheaper option. If you are someone who shoots a lighter bow (40-45 lbs), having the adjustment can allows for more wiggle room to get to 30 yards. Also, if you want to shoot more than 30 yards or want a target sight, the adjustable mount is the best option! We make both with the rail as well, but we prefer the Ultradot red dots.

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