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Vision Problems in the Bow Hunting Community - What's the answer?

Bow hunters with eye disabilities, aging eyes, or even blindness in one eye are not talked about enough in the hunting industry. When starting Adjustable Red Dot, we knew our product offered numerous advantages to the archery and bowhunting community. But something we did not consider, that many people love about our product, is how it allows hunters who have vision impairments or problems to continue to bow hunt. Our mount allows bow hunters with vision impairments or disabilities stay in the game because they DO NOT need a peep sight, can shoot with both eyes open, and can focus on the target rather than their pins.

A set up we commonly help with is right/left eye dominance and blindness in one eye. We do this by pushing the red dot over so it is just in front of the user's good eye. Check out this video. Another is aging eyes, as we get older it can become difficult to see pins as they get blurry, but with a red dot on your bow we focus on the target rather than the pins and the red dot just becomes a part of our vision.

So what’s the big deal?

There are 5 states that do not allow red dots on bows, yet offer no accommodations or options for those with aging eyes or a disability to hunt with a red dot on their bow. These states include: Colorado, North Dakota, Oregon, and Washington state (as of 2022). These states offer no possibility for hunters with disabilities to be able to bow hunt. A great example of a state willing to make accommodations is Idaho, in Idaho it is illegal to have a red dot on a bow but if you have a doctor's note from an optometrist you can have a modification permit to allow you to use a red dot on a bow. This is a great example of how the bow hunting community can be inclusive of all bowhunters. Montana is starting to get there. While it is illegal to use a red dot in Montana it is only illegal in the bow season, you can use it in the gun season. Every other state at the moment (December 2022) allows red dots on bows.

This has become a common occurrence at Adjustable Red Dot where we are hearing time and time again from customers on how the ARD system has helped them to continue to bow hunt because it eliminates blurry pins and the need for peep sight. Here is a review and a link to a podcast with Vortex where we talk about aging eyes and why the ARD system helps.

"Vision issues? No problem!
Jon Jaquin on Dec 19, 2022
Having macular degeneration I tried everything. Started with questions on multiple social media pages with no answers. Eventually switched to left handed after changes in eye dominance. Later going with largest peep sight available to try to increase low light vision. All I can say is I think I finally found the product that will help me enjoy shooting and hunting again! No peep, no bubble level, no closing one eye! Just look at your target, let let dot come into view, center the dot and let the shot break! From the moment I placed my order the owner Tim was messaging or calling me through the entire process to make sure I was satisfied and comfortable. If the sight is half as good as the customer service it's a winner! Did I mention flawless engineering and built like a tank but not any heavier than your current sight with better balance? This thing can withstand the zombie apocalypse! I cannot wait to run an arrow through something!! Place your order and have a blast with this awesome sight!"

Any questions? Shoot us an email at or text/call ARD expert Tim as 616-283-5024


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