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Red Dot Advantages on a Bow

      Shooting a red dot has many advantages. But not all of them are obvious. For example, faster target acquisition, allows those with vision impairments and aging eyes to continue to shoot a bow, and more!

Focus on the target

     With a red dot, the target is our first priority! The red dot becomes a part of our vision. This is why a red dot helps many with vision issues because with a peep and pins, your eyes have to focus on multiple things (peep, pins, and target). By having the red dot appear as if it is on the target, it eliminates blurry pins for those with aging eyes or are far sighted. 

Low Light

     Low light and bright light conditions are a large part of hunting. During the rut or in the late season. With shooting a red dot, most red dot sights have multiple different brightness settings. We prefer the Ultradot red dots and they offer 11 different brightness settings, so they are great in all conditions. You can make the dot brighter or dimmer and even change the reticle size!

Faster Target Acquisition

     When shooting a red dot on your bow, it allows for faster target acquisition because you are minimizing your steps. What I mean by this, we don’t have to think about first pull bow back, string to nose, peep, pins, maybe a level, then the target, and then shooting. We simply pull the bow back, look at the target, center the dot, and shoot.

Form and Anchor Point

     With the multiple step set up with a peep and pins, those steps are to help keep you straight and have good form. However, with multiple steps, it creates an opportunity for many areas to mess up. Not saying you can’t mess up shooting a red dot, but there is less room for error. The red dot is a reference point giving your brain direct feedback if you are torquing the bow and not centered. Your anchor point becomes centering the dot! Giving you a simple repeatable action.

     These are just a few ways a red dot can help your archery game! Red dots are great for experienced and new archers. They work great for hunters, professional archers, TAC, and 3D shooting. 

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