How to Find Your Anchor Point - With A Red Dot on A Bow

How to Find Your Anchor Point - With A Red Dot on A Bow

What is an anchor point?

An anchor point is a place to keep your form consistent in archery. Specifically with your back hand. For a better understanding, has a great little summary on anchor points that you can read here

Common anchor points are string to nose, release at the corner of your mouth, and looking through your peep to align your housing.

ARD bow sight on a Hoyt VTM. With the archer in Michigan.

How Does an Anchor Point Work with ARD Bow sights?

When the ARD team is at trade shows, answering emails, phone calls, and social media comments, we are always asked, well how do you anchor?

We get this question mainly because ARD bow sights allow archers to not use a peep sight. This is a non typical approach to what archery usually is like. Most bow sights on the market are pins using a slider or a multi pin set up and a peep sight to keep them straight. However, this system fails a large portion of the archery community: those with aging eyes or eye problems. This is where ARD bow sights come to play.

With ARD bow sights we eliminate the need for a peep sight and allow the archers to shoot both eyes open, focusing on the target. This eliminates blurry pins and enhances a crisp target and an easy to see aiming point. 

Yet how do you stay aligned? Is the common retort. The answer? Red Dot Technology.

With a red dot sight, you can only see the dot when your form is good. Like with a pin sight, everything must be lined up to have a good shot. Furthermore, the only way to have the opportunity to have a good shot with an ARD bow sight is having good form which means you are alignment is good.

How do you anchor if you are not looking through the string?

While we are not using a peep sight on an ARD bow sight, we have a few ways to get your anchor 90-95% the same as with a peep and pin sight. Obviously, you won’t be looking through the string, but if wanted you can still do string to nose or touching corner of your mouth.

How to adjust your anchor:

Up and Down: 

The higher you mount the sight the lower your anchor point will be on your face and the lower you mount the sight the higher your anchor point will be on your face. 

Left and Right:

Here at ARD we have it down to a science for what ring size will work best for each bow and the average archer. Check out that quiz and measurement information here

If you know you like your anchor to be a bit more snug then I suggest going down a ring size and getting a spacer. Using a shorter ring and having a spacer allows you to adjust how you like your anchor. Or we can keep the advised ring length and add a shim and that will bring the red dot sight in a bit to allow you to have a tighter anchor. 

If you like having a bit more room then go up a ring size or get the advised ring size and a spacer. 

Having a comfortable anchor point is important for consistency and accuracy regardless of the bow sight. There will be a slight difference but nothing crazy when going from a peep and pin to an ARD bow sight. Any other questions or thoughts let us know in the comments or give us an email at

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