How Adjustable Red Dot can remedy cross eye dominance for archers and bowhunters

How Adjustable Red Dot Can Remedy Cross Eye Dominance

Archery is a challenging, precision sport that requires a high level of skill to master. One critical factor that can affect an archer's accuracy is eye dominance. Eye dominance is the tendency of one eye to preferentially work over the other when aiming, and it affects form and aim in archery.

In some cases, an archer may have cross eye dominance, which means their dominant eye is opposite to their dominant hand. This can pose significant challenges for archers, such as aiming difficulties and inconsistent form. One potential solution to remedy cross eye dominance is by using an ARD sight.

Understanding Eye Dominance in Archery

Eye dominance in archery refers to the eye that the archer relies on to aim at the target. Most people have a dominant eye, which naturally takes over when both eyes are open. However, some archers have cross eye dominance, meaning that their dominant eye is opposite to their dominant hand, which can cause aiming difficulties and affect their accuracy.

Left eye dominance is when the left eye is dominant, while right eye dominance is when the right eye is dominant. The dominant eye is the one that provides the clearest and most focused image, which is critical in archery. When an archer has cross eye dominance, their brain receives conflicting signals from the eyes, causing difficulty in aiming and focus.

Eye dominance also affects the archer's form, as they need to adjust their stance and position to align with their dominant eye. Traditional peep sights and bow sights can help an archer with eye dominance to aim, but they may not be sufficient for those with cross eye dominance.

Archers with cross eye dominance need to find a solution to their aiming difficulties. One potential remedy is to use an ARD sight, which can help align the archer's aim with their dominant eye and improve their accuracy.

Challenges Faced by Archers with Cross Eye Dominance

Archers with cross eye dominance face unique challenges that can impact their accuracy and consistency in hitting targets. Cross eye dominance occurs when an archer's dominant eye is opposite to the hand they use for shooting. For example, a left-handed archer with a dominant right eye has cross eye dominance.

When aiming down the bow, the archer's dominant eye should align with the peep sight or bow sight for optimal accuracy. However, with cross eye dominance, the dominant eye is not aligned with the bow, making it challenging to aim accurately. This can lead to aiming difficulties, impacting the archer's form and overall performance.

Adapting form and compensating for cross eye dominance can also lead to inconsistency in shooting, affecting the archer's overall performance. This can be frustrating and discouraging for archers who want to improve their skills in archery or bow hunting.

The Benefits of Adjustable Red Dot

Archers with cross eye dominance often face difficulties in aiming and consistency due to conflicting eye dominance. However, using an adjustable red dot sight can provide a solution to this problem.

Adjustable red dot sights offer a variety of benefits to archers with cross eye dominance, including:

  • Eliminating the need to adapt form and bow sight to accommodate for cross-dominance;
  • Providing ease of aiming and improved accuracy;
  • Allowing for adjustments to be made to align with the dominant eye;
  • Offering versatility for use in both archery and bow hunting.

By using an adjustable red dot sight, archers with cross eye dominance can overcome the challenges of aiming and achieve improved accuracy and consistency in their shots.

Whether you're a seasoned archer or a beginner, an adjustable red dot sight is a valuable tool to consider for improving accuracy and overcoming the challenges of cross eye dominance.

Here is an example of an Adjustable Red Dot Set Up to help with Cross Eye Dominance. 


Improve Your Accuracy with an Adjustable Red Dot Bow Sight

Eye dominance can be a significant factor in archery, affecting aim, form, and ultimately, accuracy. Archers with cross eye dominance face unique challenges, but using an adjustable red dot sight can help overcome these difficulties and improve accuracy.

By providing a clear, illuminated aiming point, an adjustable red dot sight can help archers with cross-dominance align their aim with their dominant eye. The result is improved accuracy and ease of aiming, leading to increased consistency and better overall performance.

If you are an archer struggling with cross eye dominance, consider trying an adjustable red dot sight. Setup is straightforward and can be easily fine-tuned for optimal accuracy with practice. Many archers have testified to the effectiveness of this solution, and it could be the key to improving your accuracy and overcoming aiming difficulties.

If you would like ARD set up to help with your cross eye dominance, shoot us an email or call at 616-283-5024

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is there anywhere near me where I could try this , Hold the bow with my Left arm
and can only use my left eye

La Sauvetat du Dropt , france 47800,

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Do you have a formula to measure the increase in the ring mount length?
Measurement from back of the riser may vary depending on your head position and anchor position

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What is the price of this set up?

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