A bow hunter is adjusting for yardage on his ARD sight and Hoyt bow.

How a Red Dot Sight on a Bow Works

A red dot sight on a bow eliminates many steps and simplifies archery. No more peep sight, kisser button, level, and it helps with aging eyes or those who are far-sighted.

But how?

Let's first go into the mechanics of a red dot sight and then how this works on a bow.

Mechanics of a Red Dot Sight:

A red dot sight, isn't just a red dot on a piece of glass. In fact, it's not even on the piece of glass. Inside red dot sights are a red light that is reflected off a piece of glass back to your eye; that only you can only see when you are looking straight at the red dot sight.

The only way to see the dot, is to look straight at it. If you change the angle of the sight or move your head you won't see the red dot.

**Important note: A red dot sight is not a scope. It is not projecting a laser, the red line is for diagram purposes only. Check out our Red Dot Sight vs Scope blog to learn more.

A diagram showing how a red dot sight works. Adjustable Red Dot bow sight uses red dot technology.

How this works on a bow:

When we mount this on a bow it becomes our peep sight, pins, kisser button, and level all in one system! Remember, the only way to see the red dot in the red dot sight is to look straight at it.

No Peep:

So, when you torque the bow you can no longer see the dot then, so that is how the red dot keeps your left and right centered, eliminating the need for a peep sight.

In the image the archer shows the importance of not torquing the bow and how a red dot sight prevents that.

No Kisser Button:

Additionally, when your anchor point is too high or too low, you can no longer see the dot. Your anchor point controls where the dot is up and down. That is why you don't need a kisser button. You know your anchor point is good when you can see the dot.

An archer is pulling a bow back with a red dot sight on it, and the diagram has arrows showing how your anchor point changes the how you see the red dot.

No Level:

You don't need a level because if you are canting the bow, you are not looking straight at the red dot sight, meaning you won't see the dot.

No Pins:

The red dot sight is your one point aiming system. This is great for low light and aging eyes. This helps in low light because quality red dot sights have multiple brightness settings. It is great for aging eyes and far-sightedness because you are looking at the target the entire time.

Adjustable Mount:

Our mount allows for you to shoot a red dot on a bow and change your distance!

This GIF shows how are adjustable red dot sight adjusts for distance.

I hope this helps answer some questions and clears up any confusion. If you have any other questions let us know!

Email: adjustablereddot@gmail.com

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