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Field Of View With A Red Dot Sight

Whether it be a question on our social media comments or an email, we are asked almost daily about our field of view with a red dot sight. Let’s go over what is field of view and how a red dot sight has an unlimited field of view.

Field Of View (FOV):

Is the area visible when looking through an optic. 

This could be through a telescope, binoculars, scope, etc.

There are different factors that change what your FOV looks like such as magnification.  

Let’s look at the Vortex Viper HD Binoculars: 

Vortex Viper HD Binoculars

These binoculars have a linear FOV of 288 ft / 1000 yards. So this means you can see 288 feet of the 1,000 yards in front of you. 

Optics like binoculars, scopes, or rangefinders have a limited field of vision because of eye relief and/or magnification. 

This is what separates red dots from other optics. Red dots have an unlimited field of vision.

Matchdot II Red Dot Sight

Unlimited Field of Vision:

With red dot sights, you are shooting with both eyes open and you are focused on the target. So as you are looking at the target, the red dot becomes a part of your vision. There is no magnification limiting your scope of vision nor are you looking right up against the lens.

Aimpoint makes a video speaking on how red dots have an unlimited FOV. I’ll link it below and does a great job explaining this. 

I hope this helps understand what field of view is and that red dots have an unlimited field of view.



Any questions? Let us know!

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