Bow hunter in a tree stand, pulling a Mathews bow back with ARD sight on his bow.

Faster Target Acquisition

 Peep and Pin’s Might be Slowing you Down

Using a red dot on your bow allows for better and faster target acquisition. What does that mean? Getting your arrow from the bow to your target in less time. The red dot cuts vital time off this process. When you are shooting a peep and pin there are multiple steps that add precious time to your hunting situations: aligning peep and housing, placing kisser button or nose button, and lining up your pin to the target to name a few. 

Use a Red Dot to Eliminate Steps

With a red dot on your bow, you do not need to worry about looking through a peep because you simply do not need one. With a red dot sight, the dot is only visible when looking through the sight head-on. If you are crooked you would not see the dot. Once you draw back, look down the red dot sight and see the red dot in the center. You will know if you are torquing the bow because it will cause the dot not to be centered in the sight. 

You also do not need to use a kisser button or nose button. These are not necessary because, with a red dot sight, you simply center the dot in the sight. The point of a kisser button or nose button is to give you a repeatable anchor; however, when you see the red dot, that is your repeatable anchor point. After the red dot is sighted in on your bow, having the dot centered in the sight is what allows for consistency. There is no need to have a kisser or nose button. This eliminates another task while shooting or hunting.  

The overall process of shooting with a red dot is quicker than shooting with a peep and pin sight. When shooting a red dot, you are simply going from target to dot as opposed to pins to peep to target. Using a red dot sight keeps you focused on your target rather than the pins. The red dot becomes a part of your vision to aim and leaves you with only one thing to think about: just center the dot. 

Why Is Better and Faster Target Acquisition Important?

Hunting can come down to seconds, so getting sited in on your target faster can help you take down your target in those quick moments. Many hunters get anxiety, or target panic, when hunting and may slip up and forget a few of those vital steps involved with a peep and pin sight. A red dot sight can combat those anxious feelings in those exciting moments by simplifying the shot process and allowing hunters to make a better shot!

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Want More Info:

Pete from Tactical Rifleman in the first half of the video below does a great job of explaining the advantages of a red dot. 

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