ARD image showing all 8 hunters on the team with there bucks from Kansas!

ARD Kansas Hunt 2022

ARD Wrap: Kansas 2022

This year has been an amazing year! From over amazing deer hunting adventures in Kansas. We have really grown as a company and wanted to share the stories with you all!

She shot her first Kansas buck in late October at 20 yards
and 2 clicks!Sadly we did not get this hunt video,
but her and Tim had a crazy time dragging this 235 lbs
deer out of a steep Kansas creek.

Founder Tim got a nice 8 point at 30 yards,
no clicks needed in mid November. During
this hunt, Abby and Tim had set up a double decoy
and had two bucks walk in front of them.

During his Thanksgiving break from
college. Matt got his buck on his second
hunt. This big buck came in out of nowhere!
The shot was a little far back,
but that was no problem. There was
a good amount of blood and he made
the shot at 3pm.
Abby and Matt quietly walked out of the
woods and 6 hours later followed a blood trail right to him, less
then 200 yards from the stand.
Video of shot

Megan got her second buck on Thanksgiving!
Abby and her saw two bucks walking
in the woods towards them. The smaller buck
came right at them while the big buck
walked away. Abby said to wait it out, and
less than ten minutes later
a doe and fawn come walking
in with the big buck trailing behind.
She smoked this 8 point at 15 yards.
The buck rain about 50 yards.

Other Matt:
Matt this year got his first
two deer ever! On the same day!
And on Thanksgiving! Way to go Matt!

Joey got this deer early one morning
in November. He shot his deer sitting down
in the stand. He grunted at the buck
to get its attention and had
a perfect quartering shot towards him!

Tom got his buck in early November
during an evening hunt. Perfect shot and
a great buck!


Doug got his buck
on a morning hunt in
mid November!
He sat at this spot a couple times
and finally got this sweet buck!
Great job Doug!

This is one of our best hunting years we have ever had in Kansas! Lots of amazing memories made and lessons learned. We will definitely be working on getting more hunting videos for you all in the future!

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