5 reasons Why Adjustable Red Dot Bow Sight is a Gamer Changer for Bowhunters

5 Reasons Why an Adjustable Red Dot Bow Sight is a Game Changer for Bowhunters

Bowhunting is challenging and certain aspects of it always will be like pulling your bow back without the deer seeing you and keeping your nerves under control. But there are aspects of bowhunting that can be simplified so we are less prone to errors. That is what makes the ARD bow sight special. It innovates and elevates bow hunting in a way that other bow sights cannot. Here are the top five reasons the Adjustable Red Dot Bow Sight is a GAME CHANGER for bowhunters.


1. No more Peep and Pins

Not having to use a peep eliminates so much stress and extra steps. No more having to worry about aligning your housing and not knowing for a fact if your form is good. Because at the end of the day if your form was a little off you can still see your pins. Which leads into the next game changer...


2. Instant feedback

The ONLY way to see a red dot in a red dot sight is with good form. Once you torque the bow or your anchor is off, you cannot see the dot! So when you are out hunting, you have all your hunting clothes, you are excited, you pull your bow back and sometimes you don't do it perfect. If you were using peep and pins, you wouldn't know, with a red dot you'd get to that situation and you'd know how to adjust quickly and take the best shot!


3. Aging eyes and far-sightedness

 When getting older you might need to use reading glasses because you cannot see up close anymore or perhaps you are already far-sighted so you see great far away but up close is a challenge. With a red dot sight on your bow, you FOCUS only on the target. You don't need to go peep, pins, target, and repeat to double check if everything is straight. You just look at the target. The common rebuttal to this is to use a clarifier in your peep. However, that doesn't make sense because then you have the opposite problem. You can see your pins but now the target is blurry. You shouldn't have to sacrifice bow hunting because of your vision. No other bow sight on the market can solve this issue people have.


4. Low Light

Quality red dot sights have brightness adjustability. Like with the Ultradot red dot sights, they have 11 different brightness settings. So not only are they great during the day, but they are great for that last 30 minutes of hunting at night or that first 30 minutes of hunting in the morning. This allows bow hunters to take confident shots in low light.


5. Adjustability 

Red dot sights on their own have countless more reasons why they are game changers for bow hunters, but having all of that on top of being adjustable is what elevates it all. The adjustable mount allows hunters to shoot from 20-60 yards (varies on your set up). This allows you to shoot farther and take those shots that you normally couldn't with a fixed sight.


The Adjustable Red Dot Bow sight innovates and elevates archery for bow hunters and TAC shooters. I cannot wait to see what else is in store for ARD this year.

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