4 signs you set your bow sight up correctly! Archery Bow Sight Set Up.

4 Signs You Set Your Bow Sight Up Correctly!

One thing we have noticed since starting Adjustable Red Dot, is how complicated setting a your bow sight can seem. We wanted to create a simple way to check if you set your sight up correctly.

In this blog we created a simple and easy check list that will allow you to easily tell if your set up is set up correctly. These are 4 easy and simple ways to make sure your sight is set up correctly!

Your string is centered in the rest

If your rest is not centered that means your arrow will be going a different direction no matter what you do with your sight. Having your rest centered is vital! You can also tell if your rest is not centered by performing a walk back test. Click this link to show you a bit more on the importance and what is a walk back test.

Note: Once you are shooting your bow and if you notice you shoot a little left or a little right you can use the windage to compensate for those minute shooting differences.

The string is on the edge of the glass

With a red dot sight on a bow we want that string right on the edge of the glass because we are NOT looking through the string! The red dot sight is a reference point, if we try to look through the string we would then be torquing the bow and we do not want that. If your string is not on the edge of the glass you may need a spacer or a different length ring or post. Give us a call or email and we are gladly to help you get the correct ring or post.

There is an even edge of black around the sight

If you see there is a lot more black on one side of your sight, this is a good indicator your sight is not parallel with the string, so you need a shim. A shim will straighten out the sight so it is parallel to the string. This tends to happen with some older bows. No need to worry it is a quick fix!

If you have an even edge of black around the sight that means your sight is parallel and you are ready to check the last step!

The dot is already in the center

When you hold your bow out in front of you, looking straight at the sight, the dot should already be centered. If the dot is not already in the center, use the windage to get the dot centered. Most red dot sights should already be calibrated to be in the centered, but it is always good to check just in case.

Now you are ready to sight in your bow!

If you need a visual reference for any of these steps, I suggest checking out this video:

Remember: If you have COMPLETED these 4 steps and you go out and shoot your bow and you are shooting crazy left and right it is likely a form problem. Check your grip and make sure your head is straight (no canting your head, meaning no head to shoulder movement).

Please do not turn the windage dial more than 20 clicks in one direction. Give us a call to help trouble shoot. 616-283-5024.

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