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Adjustable Red Dot Elite Package

Elite Package

 "Upon receiving it I was impressed with the excellent packaging. It took me about 30 minutes or so to completely install it. I like the fact that it is all machined aluminum and the workmanship is A+. The first 3 shots in my basement because of foul weather outside were at about 12yds, all 3 arrows touching at 7 o'clock. Moving the scope down on the bracket about 1/8 inch and adjusting the scope 4 clicks to the right put it right on center. The next day outside It was really easy to adjust the different yardages. The vertical adjustment knob is very positive and locks in (great feature) at any yardage. My 3D shooting has improved substantially I and can't believe how much quicker I can get on target without trying to center a pin thru a peep sight which was my previous setup. The other great feature is the adjustable red dot that stays in the center of the scope at all yardages. All the previous red dots I tried, the dot itself would move up or down in the glass when I would change yardages. This is a great product at a great price, easy to setup and will definitely improve anyone's shooting."
                                                                              -Ron Penna from NY, USA

 "I was always a rifle/pistol shooter, and moving to a peep and pin sight resulted in a very clouded sight picture and this sight fixed it all! Unbelievably easy to set up and sight in, then user friendly doesn’t do it justice. This thing is failure proof (believe me I tried). Tim also was invaluable with selecting and setting up the right sight for my bows. I bought one and decided that it was the only thing I’d shoot on, now all my bows are loaded up with these beauties!!! Highly recommend for anyone wanting a clear and easy sight window as well as increased accuracy and ease of use!"
                                                                              -Ross Bell from MI, USA

Adjustable Red Dot Rail Package

ARD Rail Package

"Outstanding product for new beginners to learn stabilities when aiming targets or during hunting. Very easy to adjust and dead on precision. Been looking for a great sight for my bow but since i started using this system on my Mathews VXR i feel so confident with my aim. I was very skeptical at the onset while looking for sights to help me with aiming. I never thought this would make things very easy. Sighting in was very easy. For those target archers this in my opinion is the way to go. Gone are the days of loosing arrows during practice."
                                                                              -Henry from NY, USA