Tim Zelenka is the “idea” man and life long bowhunter. Jeff Kunkle is the guy who took the idea and made it a reality at his company Dynamic Machine. 

Tim Zelenka farmer, pilot and avid bowhunter has been thinking about creating this mount for many years. Tim husband and father of 3 has been working with his children, nephews, hunting buddies and friends setting them up with bows and equipment for years. Tim, a big fan of the red dot sight has been looking for something adjustable to use on bows.  Not finding what he wanted he decided to get it made.  

Jeff Kunkle, machine shop owner and his team at Dynamic Machine, designed and manufactured Tims idea for the adjustable mount.  Jeff’s team made the mount well crafted, designed for simplicity of use,  made for hunters in the field and made here in Michigan, USA. Jeff is a husband, father of 6, farmer and shooting enthusiast. 

Tim and Jeff are excited about the launch of the ARD mount and feel like it is a product bowhunters need, want and will love.

Tim Zelenka
Jeff Kunkle